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Sept 7th - First Friday:  strand - a print installation by Michael Hager 

ArtsPlace GALLERY 

STRAND a print installation by Michael Hager




Community Studios - Residencies



Building Community


NOTO ArtsPlace 

NOTO ArtsPlace, an Artist Advocacy and Support activity of Place Properties, was formed by Zach Snethen, Michael Bradley and Don and Edie Snethen to rescue three abandoned buildings in the NOTO Arts District from iminent demolition.  With a limited reprieve from the City Manager and financial assistance from Historic Preservation Partners, a plan was developed to remove the blighting conditions from the buildings and return them to use, in the process saving the City of Topeka over $70,000 in demolition expenses which would have resulted in a vacant lot with little or no tax potential.

With the structural issues resolved and new electrical service, the cleaned out spaces are springing back to life with a gallery beginning regular exhibits in November 2014 and plans for ceramics and printmaking studios to open as renovation is completed


If being a part of a community printmaking studio or ceramic studio is something you would be interested in, contact us on our "Edna's Clay" or "New Prairie Printmakers" facebook pages.

Sustanibility - Environment

Zach, Don, Edie and Michael, the partners in Place Properties, believe that re-using old buildings makes sense.  The greenest building is the one that is already there.

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