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Original Paintings by Brad LeDuc for the book,

"The Hero Within" 

Book Launch with sales and book signing by Brad and author, Mike Berndt in the Gallery.

Brad LeDuc has illustrated the new children's book,  "The Hero Within", author, Michael Berndt.  We have arranged to borrow Brad's original paintings from the Lowell Milken Center which sponsors the Unsung Hero's Project - a school based program "where students discover and share the untold stories of individuals in history who took actions to improve the lives of others."  LeDuc and Berndt will be at the ArtsPlace Gallery on First Friday in March from 5 to 8:30 to launch the book and sell and sign copies.  The Hero Within has been written and illustrated as a way of encouraging elementary school students to participate in the Unsung Heroes Project in their classrooms.  


Brad is currently the art teacher at Seaman High School.  He previously taught at Washburn Rural High School where he used the Unsung Hero's Project as a way of igniting his students to use the arts to highlight people who have made a difference in other people's lives.  We were pleased to be able to exhibit one of these projects a year ago last fall as part of our biennial "Artists Speak" exhibit when we showed the award winning video, Kodak in the Congo, The Untold Story of Alice Seeley Harris.  (We strongly encourage everyone to view that video made by students of Brad's with assistance from Josiah Engstrom of Motovike Films / the Bajillion Agency.)


See the Lowell Milken Center's Unsung Heroes Project website and video "Kodak in the Congo, the Untold Story of Alice Seeley Harris".  

NOTO ArtsPlace is honored to host this exhibit.  Great teachers and mentors help students make great, meaningful, well-crafted work. 

Exhibit was with assistance and special arrangement with the Lowell Milken Institute and will only be on display on March 2 from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm  ( and by very limited appointment - contact Michael at 785-375-4772. )

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