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The Craftivists - Uniting Art + Activism

A Pop-Up Shop for First Friday in August
Uniting Art + Activism

NOTO ArtsPlace at 905 N. Kansas Avenue is excited to host a pop-up shop for the August First Friday Art Walk featuring The Craftivists.  The Craftivists are five Topeka women who are artists and revolutionaries, united by activism and art. The group, formed in 2010, is known for producing fine art and wearable items created mostly with found materials, including discarded windows, bicycle inner tubes, reclaimed tile and old magazines. The Craftivists use art to explore and amplify their values. Social justice, particularly feminism, is close to their hearts and minds. Artistic themes explore disenfranchised people and unseen issues.

“Don’t be fooled by our soft and pretty lace exterior, instead, see that we demand control over our bodies, reject hate-fueled judgments about who we can marry, and refuse to move backwards in a State forged by a progressive belief in equality.”

The shop will be open from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on First Friday and will feature interactive art for the patrons.



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