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The Marable Miracle = A SECOND Friday special event:  (An added day of the exhibit because of last week's weather)

Printmaking by Justin & Jewelry by Bailey.  

How do they do it?  Come find out about the struggles of being a creative, passionate, and wildly over-worked family of creatives.  and buy some art to help sustain them.
Miracle Marables = amazing artists - worthy of your support - come buy their art.

Here are some photos of Bailey, Justin and their work etc.  Please come see them in person this coming April SECOND Friday from 5:00 to 8:30 in the ArtsPlace Gallery.  This special event was added, as part of the NOTO Only Second Friday artwalk which was added this month only because of the storm on First Friday.  Should be a great night in NOTO!!!!!!

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