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Terra Verde - Concern for our Environment:

Featuring Eleanor Heimbaugh Ceramics.

April 1 through May 5, 2015
Facebook - Untitled
Deconstructing Place
"Urban Perch"  Eleanor Hemibaugh
Facebook - Untitled
Atrazine Watering Can
"Factory Vases"   Eleanor Heimbaugh
"Symazine Gathering Basket"
"The Earth as Erlenmeyer Flask"
"Factory Vases"  Eleanor Heimbaugh
"Honey pot" and "Factory Vase"
"Factory Vase"   Eleanor Heimbaugh
"! ! !"    Betsy Knabe Roe
"Laughing and Crying"  Lora Jost
"Sound the Climate Alarm"  Lora Jost
"Effluent" James Anthony Martin
"Look"  Kyra Miller
"Beachcomber"  Kyra Miller
"Fox"   Tyler Quintin
"Rabbit"  Tyler Quintin
Terra Verde

As an exhibit for Earth Day 2015, Terra Verde was developed with assistance from Drew Douglas Simmons, Washburn University Senior Fine Arts student.  The basis of the exhibit is a series of ceramic pieces by Eleanor Heimbaugh with additional pieces from artists in the Topeka area.  Thanks to all artists who participated, to everyone who visited and to the patrons who chose work to make their own.


Eleanor Heimbaugh

Eleanor's work in this exhibit (which is a portion of a series previously exhibited in Hays, Kansas) comments on the current state of our environment.  Chemicals in our food, water and soil, crumbling infrastructure, visual polution.  Augmented with work from other regional artists that are commenting either subtly or agressively on the state of our environment and, in some cases, on the potential solutions.  April 2-May 5, 2015.

 * NOTO ArtsPlace Gallery has acquired many of the remaining 3 dimensional pieces from this series by Eleanor and they are available by contacting

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