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NOTO ArtsPlace Gallery:  Archive

Photo-Archive of Exhibits in the Pop-up Galleries at NOTO ArtsPlace and Edna's Clay
Artists Speak - Political and Social Commentary by Visual Artists:

At the time of the mid-term elections, NOTO ArtsPlace mounted an exhibit of free speach by visual artists, both contemporary and from previous decades.  Surrounding an installation by Don Snethen were 30 pieces, mostly prints with some drawings, paintings and ceramic pieces.  Each is pictured in the attached gallery which can be reached by clicking  here.

Edna's Pop-Up Exhibits

Edna's front window has been the site for a number of exhibits of artwork and art installations during renovation.  Edna's will become a ceramics studio which will include two or three resident artists and will offer subscription access and classes beginning as early as fall of 2015.  Beginning in the Spring of 2016 ceramics and fine crafts exhibits will be currated by the studio artists at Edna's Clay. The exhibits will be designed to be viewed through the front window at Edna's - 905 N. Kansas.


Included in this archrive are photos collected from exhibits and events from 2013 & 2014 along with renovation photos of the Edna's building.

Edna's has been used from 2013 as a pop=up Window Gallery. 
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