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Visit the following Exhibit Archives:

Students of Marin Abel - May-June 2017

Trace Artifacts of the Future - Eleanor Heimbaugh

               March-April 2017

Artists Speak II - September-November 2016

Justin Marabel - December 2016

The Collective Reunion

The Craftivists

Transformations: Experimental Photography

Terra Verde April 1 - May 5 - 2015

Etchings by Isaiah Zagar - May-July 2015

Artists Speak November - 2014  - Click the slide show below


Pop-Up exhibits in Edna's

Artists Speak - a show at election time of artists speaking out.

For exhibition at the time of the 2014 National Election, Michael Bradley and Hi Stockwell loaned some of their collection of political and social commentary artworks and Don Snethen created a timely installation piece.  Regional artists also submitted pieces to round out the exhibit.

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