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PROGRESS - slow but sure

Two years ago the Place Properties team met for the first time and decided to attempt a rescue. Two buildings in the core of the NOTO Arts District were scheduled to be erased. Bidding for the demolition contract with the City had already been completed and a contractor selected. What was likely to be a six figure project resulting in a vacant, low-value lot, a potential eyesore and 'gap' in the otherwise increasingly vibrant area, appeared to be more and more likely.

Since then:

The property was acquired by Place Properties and back taxes and leins cleared.

The buildings were secured and clean-up of the property undertaken to resolve the nuisance problems that had existed for several years following abandonment by the previous out-of-town owners.

Front windows were cleaned of paint.

Weed trees were removed.

Interior non-historic walls, fixtures, suspended ceilings, refuse and damaged plaster were removed (8 large dumpsters full).

Mud from the 1951 Flood (about 10 dump trucks full) was removed from the basement.

The damaged and missing back wall of the larger building was rebuilt as a masony wall with recycled historic bricks on the exterior exposed face,

A new basement floor and footings for a supporting beam was poured.

A new roof with polyiso insulation was installed.

In the near future (2-4 months):

A new sewer line will be installed from the buildings to the main and water service will be established.

Three modern, accessible bathrooms, a new 'back' stairway to both the second floor and the basement, and a 'common core' vestibule area will be built. Placing the back stairs and restrooms in a 'common core' will allow for future use as a single business or division into 5 separate tenant areas.

Gas service will be initiated and an interim furnace will be installed to provide heat during the interior construction phase.

New, historically appropriate, windows will be installed.

Just knocking down each project in order - seems like it is taking forever, but much has already been achieved.

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